We hold the power!! Always!!

So I am guided… to say that everything that happens outside of us is created by what’s happening or not happening inside.

We are the creators, so no one could ever make you feel a way, or ever really do anything to you without your inner consent.

Yes that goes for walking into an uncomfortable room and family drilling you about your personal dilemmas. Yes there’s discord inside or lack of complete clarity inside first. Or like a mouse showing up in your impeccably clean house. If you look up spiritual meaning of a mouse showing up it says that there’s too much focus in one direction or just in general. Or maybe the overload of problems one after the next or all at once.  Inside you must be too focused on problems or it’s all about how you’re responding to these situations.


Who are you pointing fingers at God? The Universe? If you really thought about the situation and why it’s even happening and triggering you, if you could stop and not judge yourself but understand yourself you can start to see how we create it all.

How are you responding to challenges? Are you responding like the warrior you were created to be? Or the victim you are choosing to be? Which one is it?

What’s going on inside? Are you completely clear or is there confusion inside? Remember You are the creator of your world.

Love ❤️<<<< gt;<<< ><< p>< /p>