It’s really crazy to me that we have been conditioned to compare ourselves to everything we see, hear, etc. we have been conditioned to continuously choose to not feel good over thoughts of positivity. It’s like we have gotten away from all the reasons we are here in the first place. We rather feel sad about not being invited somewhere we really didn’t want to be anyhow…..or pissed off at a friend because they did something wrong but fearful of telling you the truth and you know the reason why. 

These are all choices. And there’s another choice for each of these reactions…..the choice of remembering why and what we are truly here for.  The choice of feeling good no matter the circumstance or environment. The choice to always know that everything that happens even if it’s not what you feel you desire,  will be that in the end. The choice to be in the moment and understanding that just like the seconds hand on a clock, that moment will quickly become a new one. 

The choice to have faith and understand just like you desire, others do also. The universe….God…. is calculated like that. It’s really like “your wish is Gods command.” However We are learning simultaneously.” Learning those valuable t

ools needed to receive the next level of our desires. 

Having faith is knowing you will receive what you want. And if it doesn’t go exactly how you planned in your mind, faith is believing in Gods plan….because no matter how much you want to disagree, God sees further, deeper, and with more clarity. 

Let’s start to chose the better feeling. The feeling of knowing things are going according to a higher power design, which is the most high plan. Let’s just focus on the creation and maintaining of great feelings and ideas. And leave the rest to our creator! 


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