The Search is over.

I am so grateful and truly blessed to have reached this space. I am ready to leave behind anything that: 1st isn’t sent to me as intuition, 2nd that no longer serves my soul, and 3rd causes a lower vibration energy vibe. I can finally see and most importantly feel what’s not in “my frequency.” I think that’s a major part of this thing called life. Exploring and understanding self in a way where you began to instantly feel which direction to go.

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In the past I would ask spiritual teachers, my friends, anyone I thought was farther on their journey which way should I go. I never truly understood til now why they would continuously say “jai you know.” And from the space I stand currently I understand what was intended.

We all know what’s best for self. We all have an internal guidance system that is more guaranteed than google, yelp, yahoo, apple, etc etc etc Let’s just say it’s as golden and powerful as if God had a earphone in your ear directing your every move. That’s what’s happening every moment however we don’t remember we have that feature in life.