First peace and blessings! 

I’ve been discovering something super valueable and well….. something I’ve asked for a million times…..”Snap Magic”  Since my mom passed in 2014, and I am a creative guided by ideas (which means compensation was never equal to the idea if we applying value) in all honesty I was a Lil scared with how I would continue being a creator. I was starting to think I needed to go back to the 9 to 5 employment space. I mean I have seen my share of monatary overflow, but I seemed to consistently end up at the place where the money would be invisible. 

I kept hearing…. “you always have all you need.”  So I began to practice it truly. Complete Faith. 

The other day My friend and I was having one of our great conversations. Where we share experiences and new discoveries. He said “Jai the other day I was worried about how I would travel to work ($), come back ($), eat ($), get back up at 5:30am and go to work again ($) and get back home ($). I was Worried that’s why I called you frantic like that.”  This space is a space some of us can relate to. 

“Sometimes I just need to talk and vent and you are that person. So after we got off the phone my friend called and offered me an uber to get to work, then when I got there, the same friend offered another uber home. When I got home I snacked on something that was in the house. I woke up at 4am for a 5:30 am call time, I couldn’t and didn’t want to ask my friend for another uber, so I found a few dollars in a jacket pocket, got on the train and made it to work on time. The thought came to mind of how would I get home and eat. Suddenly one of the members of the artist’s team asked me to stick around if I could and that they would buy me lunch. Then I saw a friend who did pr for the artist (He was working on a tv show set so it was normal to see others in the business). As we talked I saw his wallet with a 5 dollar bill sticking out. So I asked him for the $5 and he said of course. ” so I got home. 

My friend experienced the power that we all have. He didn’t need to worry or try to figure out anything. There’s a more simple approach. When I was a child I wanted the super power of “snap magic” thinking and quickly manifestation. I also wanted to be invisible. But We all have that power. 

We interfere with the natural power of thought creating manifestation when we worry and try to figure things out. Think of it like this.. you rub the genie with a wish, while the wish is being processed, we add energies of doubt and worry which then confuses the genie. The genie doesn’t know if we still want what we wished or if we want to grant the wish ourselves. Lol. I know I really have a problem when someone asks me to do something and then tell me how to do it. That’s such a pet pieve lol so image how the genie or source or God must feel lol. 

We always have all we need. We just have to stand fully in the space of complete faith. It’s much simpler than trying to figure out what hasn’t happened yet! 

Love ❤️ 



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