I was getting too far away from me. How I knew this was by the way I was feeling. Covered in ego. Feeling not good enough, unworthy, desperate for loved ones to truly see me for me. By feeling this way and trying….I was far away from who I truly am.

God created me exactly how I am and because God is the most high, why was I constantly trying to prove myself to anyone. God is within. Think about it, when do you speak to God? When you’re alone, when you pray, silently…..

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I discovered because God knew what he was doing and there was a more important person I needed to be worried about and that was me. Yes I needed to prove to myself I am worthy. I needed to know deep inside that I was good enough for anything in my pathway. I was so busy trying to prove myself to others when the person I really needed to get to impressing was myself.

So from this point on it’s all about me

Closing the gap with my higher self is my focus.