My thoughts…Naive or Selective?

So some may call me a little naive…However in the past that may have bothered me a little.  But now presently, I feel soooo different.  I know now that I am very selective with what I give my energy to.  Ive been told that my energy feels good.  Its motivating, positive, uplifting, loving, etc  How do you think I maintain this type of energy in this big big world?? Concrete Jungle… I mean I used to allow energies to consume me and I would feel bad at the end of the day…just drained emotionally.  I think a part of my energy protection goes to my “naivete,” and my wanting to feel good. Because what I give my attention to matters greatly.  What I see and how I perceive things shapes my reality. 

Im usually naive when it comes to people.  I guess my chosen set of friends just want to protect me from harmful people.  And i appreciate that tremendously.   I tend to let energies introduce people first.  Then my process is to see the best in people. (i learned to see people in their fullness if we are so focused on the ego or in lack how do we help to create the energy space for their fullness to come?)  I also believe everything happens for a reason and meeting new people is never coincidental.  So if God is so calculated with everything having a purpose, why would that change with people?  Something is to be gained from every situation, thats what I believe.  If you think the worst, or negative, or fearful, or cold, or in protection mode all day what do you think you are creating and manifesting??

I recently learned from Abraham Hicks and the whole Laws of Attraction movement, what you give your attention to creates momentum in that energy space.  I also learned that we have the power to create energy spaces and “manipulate” energy spaces as well. In other words we can make a unwanted person move over on a train all by thinking it.  Or walk into a room of angry people and change the energy to love.  We have the ability to manifest what we desire, right?  So what I choose to give attention to controls me in a sense.  I want freedom and peace.  In order to achieve this, there needs to be a selectiveness when it comes to what you focus on and the energy you give to it.  Giving energy to something includes talking about it, gossiping about it, posting something in relation to it, allowing others to talk about it around you, engaging in ego conversations about it, all forms of engaging in that energy space, etc.  Some do all of this and then wonder why the person is still around, or why the situation is still showing up around them.

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Its a choice, and you always hold the power.  We are designing our lives….What we want, how we want to feel, the energy around us, and our futures.  What we do and don’t do now matters always. So pay attention to you and how you are feeling from moment to moment….because thats what truly matters.  And remember you have the power to change the next moment to come.  We are the most powerful beings in this world….We have to stand in that power!

I love you!