Jai looks like Erykah Badu?

So I saw my higher self again in Meditation. (For those who aren’t educated in what this means let me explain) 

There’s you how you are physically on earth. Then there’s the you that you dream about in the sense of having it all together! No flaws, rich, happy, content, spiritually in a place of highest consciousness, a unmatchable glow, beauty, regalness, power, strength, etc etc All this is you well your higher self. And you can embrace and see your higher self in meditation and by being in clear space consciously. In meditation the space you are in is higher consciousness. 

(My eyes are closed but it’s like a vision that comes into mind, that’s the best way to describe what’s happening. I have a vivid imagination too) 

So I saw my higher self again. And wow is she amazing 😍😍 I’ll describe what I see: 

so she looks like me but her energy gives off a more complete more intense sense of power, strength and love. She’s seems like a giant because her glow is so huge and powerful. Her black hair is bone straight down to her hips with a part down the middle. (I know my hairstylist Q is happy, do you know much he tries to have me straighten my hair, wow I wonder if he sees me as my higher self? Maybe but I’m going to stop because That’s another post ) My higher self’s energy was peaceful yet powerful. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. And yes she is Me. 

Weird thing is…..she sort of looks like Erykah Badu. I say that because the confidence that Ms Badu exudes, resembles my higher self’s presence. Weird right? 

Erykah is beautiful and I saw the resemblance in the “window seat” video. I’ve even gotten stopped in the airport by someone thinking I was Ms Badu. However when I worked with her and dressed her that one time, in person I didn’t see it, but when she walked on the Black Girls Rock stage I saw it again. 

(Erykah Badu Window seat video)

Anyway I wanted to share me seeing my higher self. These things are happening as I focus on self and maybe someone else is experiencing similar things. I would never know unless I share and talk about them.  I used to feel I was different and weird, however I’m learning that those different things and weird little traits of mines, I kinda love. They got me thru a lot in my life. And God created me with those things and God makes no mistakes. It reminds me of the book The Alchemist again. All part of the plan to get me where I want to be. 

I’m learning to love all of me. ❤️🙏🏾

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