In the Moment 4/20

So today I’m practicing being in the moment…. and on 4/20 I don’t think it will be that hard. Haha 😂 

So with this practice things are slowing down tremendously. I’m someone who is extremely active. So to slow down is like a foreign language to me. Chinese or Japanese….. But I’m going to try my hardest to be consistent. 

Every moment Its like I’m pausing to look at everything in my surroundings. When I got out the shower this morning I slowly glanced at every hair product, every towel, every mirror, I even noticed a hair on my inner shoulder, I looked at everything. 

It felt good too. It felt like I have been running and hiding from the space of “in the moment.” I don’t know why and when that even started. It had to be when I was young. Cause when I think back to being a child…..playing hopscotch in Breevort Projects Bed Stuy Brooklyn NY, I remember being in the moment. Throwing the rock in box 1, then jumping in every box besides box 1 and not stepping on any of the lines.  If you did you were out! 

Or even, the last seconds on the clock and I’m playing the point guard position against Brooklyn Techs best player, if I think back I can remember the moment. Looking at her in the eyes, looking at the ball, looking at the basket, hearing the crowd, watching the clock, hearing coach D yell out the play, and driving to the basket. I remember. 

I can also remember not wanting to be in the moment too. Trying to be older and more in the future. But now it’s like my spirit wants to slow it all down and experience those moments again. New ones however. 

So as I exited the house I looked at all the cars parked on the street in my vicinity, I looked at the trees, listened to the birds chirping, saw the black squirr

el that has become apart of my days, I heard the ambulance siren from afar,  I saw kids walking down the block to school, I looked at everything. And experienced the moment. I smelled the air that smelled like rain on a spring morning. 

Being in the moment bought me back to other moments that felt the exact same way. And if I ask myself in the moment how do I feel? I can truly say I feel great, abundant, happy, inspired, loved, exactly how I wanted to feel. 

Thank you my Source, mom, my angels, higher self,  for all your wonderful gifts. 

❤️️ Always! 


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