I wanna be Like Jesus

A step on my journey is learning ultimate compassion. Seems easy huh? True compassion, honest within yourself and most importantly felt. Unconditional love.

It’s like that love my mother showed me. No conditions. Just love. No judgements just love. I’m learning to operate from that space. The space Jesus created and is. Jesus had compassion and a strong unconditional love for all. I want to be of that space.

That is truly a tough thing. To really see my positioning in the Jesus space and be honest with myself, I do not have unconditional love for everyone. My stepfather is first to come to mind. How could I have unconditional love for the man who hurt me?

I searched for everything I could read about Jesus and Jesus being hurt. How did Jesus react to hurt? Did Jesus yell? Or get angry? True compassion I feel is equivalent to being Jesus like. Even though I heard Jesus flipped a table before, I want to there to be purpose in any anger I have.

when I allow anyone to anger me I want to react as Jesus would. I want the utmost compa

ssion and unconditional love for all.

I think it’s just a tough thing to see love, God in all. I don’t want to be angry or anything that’s not of God or Jesus. I’ve been hurt and when I think about the pain I would never want anyone to hurt the same. When I allow anyone to anger me I’m taking on the same energy and it then becomes who can hurt the most.

I want to be free from hurt, anger, anything non love. I feel like internally I have Healed and done the necessary work on me, it’s time to enjoy and experience the rewards of happiness. It all depends on me!

What I want? How does happiness look to me?

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