When you look at me? What do you see? Do you see my past or do you see me for what I am now at this present moment? Or maybe you see me with all the hurt I’ve endured. Do you see me as the things I’ve accomplished? Or the things I may have failed at? Do you see my mother and father? Or do you see me in my future self? Do you see me as an asset to you? Or do you   See my soul? Do you see ego? What do you see when you see me?

Am I full or am I lacking something? Can you see that deep? Or do you just assume I must be lacking something because of where I am when you see me?

Now let me tell you what I know and what I see.

Whenever your security is based upon someone else you will be insecure.


Those questions are not the best questions to be asking.  I should be asking whats being asked of me currently?  Because I am experiencing a little hardship, what quality needs to emerge?

We have to be how we are with others with self and add a little bit more to it. We have to be patient and gentle with self. It’s not about others or outside. It’s about you and your source. When you are good with self that becomes contagious and others learn how to be good to you. 

Something I heard and I’m sharing with my people. 

It’s my world and my friends, family, loved ones are in it with me.