Dreams do come true

I’m Learning so much. A lot is happening in my life. It was like a lightbulb instantly lit. It just clicked. I get it and I understand why I am here.

I have been creating the difficulty in my life. No one but me. Worrying, fears, feeling less than, not worthy, out of place, different…. the list goes on and on.

I got called for an amazing job. A job that I prayed on. A job to create. To create for one of my favorite artists in this world. Sidebar: my mom worked with Lil Kim’s mom for 20+ years. I’ve heard stories and just love from my mom regarding Lil kim throughout the years.

I received a call to design for Lil kim. Can I be honest? I was sooooooo excited yet nervous and anxious.

I just wanted to create. I went to school for this and used to sew clothing for celebs when I first got into the industry. (I learned from my spiritual advisor that design was my purpose)

Taking on the job bought several emotions and lessons. Lil kim brings up emotions for ppl around me. Good ones, not so good ones, etc. My friends all worked with her so I always heard stories. None of those stories mattered because I might have been the only human on this planet to feel this job was orchestrated by the highest.

I learned that all I need is me and my faith in God. I designed a color blocked latex catsuit for kim. I didn’t have her most recent measurements, I had 32 hours to get it made and shipped to nyc from la. And received a budget where I had to use relationships to create. With all of these things I decided to stay close to God.

First I envisioned the outfit. I saw how she looked. Every time I endured hardships with this job, the vision would appear. Kinda like a confirmation that everything would play out like the vision.

6am and still no jumpsuit. 12 hours til showtime in New Jersey. Lil kim just landed in nyc. Her assistant is asking about 2nd options. And the color block catsuit appeared in my vision again.

God spoke to me over and over. My mom too. Remember she worked with Kim’s mom for years before my mom passed. So I know she was right there energetically helping me manifest the vision in my head.

I continued to believe. Then the 2 words came to my lips. Delta Dash!!!!!

Long story short they got Lil Kim’s catsuit here for me. Such angels and they have no clue about all this. This is bigger than Lil kim and an outfit. This is about me strengthening my faith and seeing God work magic. I am forever enlightened. My total faith is in God!

No more worrying, fears, anxiety, none of it!


Thank you God and Mommy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

5 thoughts on “Dreams do come true”

  1. All I can say is wow.. I felt this in many ways. As I’m typing this, my 6 year old daughter is in the background playing with our 3 month old puppy…lol. I began searching for stylists that I could connect with to get a better understanding of how things are placed by stylists. I do believe in divine intervention and I do BELIEVE angels exists. I create my own designs for my clothing line Circle of Kings. I know I have the right idea, just have been going about it the wrong way. Not to make a long drawn out comment… Just saying I appreciate this.. “Who God Bless, Nothing will stand in the Way!!”

    1. Amen Amen Amen 🙏🏾You are here to create….we all are! We have so much authentic power if we stay close to higher power and self. ❤️❤️ thank you for connecting with me. 🙏🏾

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