We all have conditions. How we NEED things to be in order for us to be.

 I learned today thru a conversation with my incredibly enlightened nephew, how to start clearing away the conditions. How to fully receive without placing conditions on how things appear to be. How to show up and be from a space of unditional love with self, others, your passions, music, art, etc etc etc. and what I learned was soooooo simple however one of the toughest things to do. 

It forces you to forget everything that happened up to now. It also forces you to not try to figure anything out. That’s the tough one lol…. and the last one you have to be fully present. 

So if you can do all those things then you can Start to drop the conditions. You ask How? 

Well…..By truly BEING IN THE MOMENT. 

It’s the most valueable and overlooked but heavily desired GIFT. 

We tend to not see the gift in the moment because we have conditions or heavy in the past and anxious about things that hasn’t happened yet. So we miss so many magical and wanted moments. Those conditions we are placing on outside things is actually saying there are conditions placed on self by self. Things placed in the way, distractions, of us receiving the gift and truly experiencing a moment of happiness is conditions conditions conditions. 

We show up for everyone’s moments. What about showing up for self moments like being in the moment with self to receive the gifts we prayed for? Cause if you isolate the moment right now a

nd ask yourself how do you feel in this moment with none of the past and future as an influence? You would be surprised of the answer. And the answer will bring the next moment which can be better if you keep the past and future away. 

Living from an unconditional space of love will affect everyone and everything you do. Most importantly affect you within. Things will start to show up how you wanted and wished it would be. But in order to truly see the gift, you have to be fully present and relieved of the past and future. 

Unconditional love=God 

Love always ❤️ 


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