Can you feel without seeing?

I learned so much this past week. I read Osho’s Intuition book, I read some enlightening things. Intuition to me happens kinda like a consistent internal functioning within. Osho explains how the blood in your veins pump to your heart and arteries without you remembering to do so. It just happens, just like breathing and digestion. That’s kinda how intuition is.

We have constant guidance just like ego is always present. It’s about distinguishing what’s what. How you feel is a way to determine if it’s intuition or ego. Ego tends to operate in the space of opposition. Where intuition reveals the next step. Intuition is like a hunch, a nudge or a strong feeling. Intuition in my opinion is the only clear guaranteed direction.

Opinions from others, judgements, even perspectives concerning your life is secondary to your intuition. It’s like God and your higher self revealing the next moment of your journey. If you feel closely and rely on intuition, life can be seamless. Successfully Navigated.

It’s the kind of thing where trust of self is priority. We have to follow our own internal guidance system. When we don’t we usually experience complexity, hesitation of manifestation, problems created, obsessed with stories, distracted, far from authentic self, …unhappy. And to know just by quieting your soul and space, being present and in the moment, listening to your inner voice for direction, trusting and following that direction, you can live a more seamless lifestyle.


Free from fears, worries, ego. I decided to start listening and creating my rhythm. How I would like my day to unfold. If it’s quiet, then it’s quiet, if it’s spiritual then it’s spiritual, if it’s excitement then its excitement. No more switching my rhythm to align with others. I trust me and my intuition. I trust the process. It’s the time to align with self. With my purpose. With what I’m passionate about. With Why I’m here.

thank you for listening/reading

Peace & Light