Abraham hicks

So I went to see the voice on the youtube videos I listen to almost every day. Abraham Hicks!!! It was a gift from my best friend. We went together. 

Walking into the hotel where Abraham was holding the workshop felt super special because I knew what I was about to hear was what I needed to hear. And experience. 

At exactly 9am she walked out on stage and got right into it. There was no flamboyant introduction or any production she came right out. She spoke about so many things that resonated. I waited and listened to see if she would address the topic I had deep in my heart. How do you grow your self worthiness? 

See I was abused and told my mom every morning it happened. Nothing was done. I didn’t feel chosen. In turn I felt not good enough and worthy of protection and love. So right now at 38 years old I automatically return to age 6 when I was told non-verbally I didn’t matter. 

I needed to heal myself from this. This was holding me back from receiving love and recognizing my worth. I waited and listened. 

She talked about doing everything possible to stay in alignment. And how it takes small steps in the direction of joy to get back in alignment. She talked about meditation and  the power of creation. We have the power to create the life we desire. She spoke of Doing your best to stay in your feel good place. Being in alignment is the most wonderful feeling in the world. It feels powerful, joyful and completely filled with love. Being out of alignment or contrast shows you how great being in truly feels. 

Then she spoke of Compassion vs empathy. She told a story of Ester seeing a homeless person on the street. Empathy is feeling sorry for him. Lowering yourself to get in the boat with that person. Basically stepping out of your power into the persons space. She spoke of how you could do so much more positively for the person by staying in your power and lifting him. That made so much sense. I would wonder how a person could be in a certain space and I’m in a different space and because I don’t want that person to feel alone, I would get in the space with them. But how could I really help from the same space? 

p> Compassion is wishing the person well and lifting from the space you are in. Visually you can see the difference between the 2. I needed to practice more compassion and less empathy. 
I see my changing happening moment by moment. It’s a spontaneous thing when something you feel disappears and you become free and stronger. It happens in the blink of an eye. 

Abraham has helped me in so many ways. I’m so grateful I was given the gift by Misa Hylton, my source and my angels. Thank you 



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